How to reach $100,000?

Hello again,

As many of you know, we've decided to work in a three-steps fundraising strategy, starting with an objective of $20,000 and 100% of the GEMBA7 class engagement before graduation.

From graduation (25 July) to October, is turn for us to write and promote the Gemba Legacy program among our friends and family, hoping to reach $50,000 in October.

During these months we will be working with links with all the previous GEMBA cohorts to see if they want to join us in this effort and together we could reach the $100,000 objective for our project in Colombia. In this last stage we will be reaching out to institutions and foundations interested in joining us in this effort for change through education.

Please if you have any idea, suggestion, or want to be part of this initiative, do not hesitate in contacting us or writing in the comments of this blog.